Hi! I’m Vanessa Jade. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my studious husband, who is currently pursuing his Master’s degree. We have a seventeen-year-old kitty, who is blind as a bat, but terribly cuddly. I’m a book-loving homebody, a fierce Hufflepuff bestowed with a smattering of Gryffindor, a tea-guzzling Anglophile, and an adorer of old movies, old music, old art, and old-world ways. Sometimes I write about grief, sometimes I write about Roman Catholicism, sometimes I write about a great thrift store find, or a great sushi dinner I had the night before! I try to be honest and wholly myself here, so I like to think you’ll find something you enjoy.

This blog came about as the result of the death of my beloved grandmother in March of 2017, and my attempt to find a creative outlet for my grief. I didn’t want it to be depressing, though, so I try to balance grief-processing posts with posts about things I love– the celebrations of life that we experience every day. Good books, cups of tea, small adventures, good meals with friends– these experiences have gotten me through. They fill my life with joy, and I love sharing them! I hope you find something that resonates with you here. Thanks so much for visiting!